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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Why Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimization is everything on the web, or at least to a business on the web. You can literally have the most beautiful and breathtaking site, but if you’re not ranking well within search engines. It will never be seen. Not being visible to your audience on the web is what keeps great businesses from growing even larger. Sorry to say but there is no room in the market for dinosaurs who don’t actively market their products or services on the internet.

Most potential clients who have never heard of your business before, they are first using their favorite search engine to find a business before visiting an actual location. What their searching with is their mobile phone. Did you know that Google claims that more searches are coming from mobile devices, compared to desktop computers? Global media consumption is happening from a screen of roughly 2 ½” x 4” in size. The most important thing you can do for your business today is investing in the professionals here at Calypso Development to handle your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Development services.

Without going into too much depth and technical jargon on our first date, we’ll try to explain what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) truly is. SEO is a process or set of procedures that are done digitally to your website and/or brand. On-site (through your website) and through Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, et cetera. One of the primary objectives being to maximize the number of new and returning visitors to your company’s website. Our intent, unlike many other companies, is not just to get people to your website. We aim to convert them into customers once they get there. Through our process of analyzing your visitors, we continuously update your site to appeal to your audience and work both efficiently and effectively.

Search Engine Optimization Science

We’re Computer Scientists that understand metadata. Metadata is the driving force behind the world-wide-web. Simply put, metadata describes other sets of data. Part of what we do here at Calypso Development is work to make sure your site uses these technologies in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Premium Online Presence Consulting

It might sound a bit crazy, but we freely give the knowledge, information, and understanding that we have of the web. If someone tells you that they have special technology or system for search engine optimization, they’re not telling you the truth and you should be wary of their services. It’s Not Rocket Science, it’s Computer Science. Enjoy our web resources!

Organic Brand Recognition

Because you’ve never heard anyone say – “I just come up way too much on the web!” Our job is pretty straight forward. Our objective is to make sure you come up organically on the web. A simple enough concept, but far more technical than it seems. Through our professional methods, we develop your digital brand online. The objective being to make sure you come up first and before your competitors. It’s an investment for the future of your company. Once you’re at the top, we’ll teach you how to maintain your position, or we’ll continue with a maintenance package. One thing we don’t do here at Calypso Development is sign contracts. There’s no need too! If you don’t like what we do, stop paying us. We’re that confident in the work we do.

Web Marketing & SEO Training

Calypso Development can train your internal team to both manage and continue to promote your company’s SEO and brand. Well known company’s here in Las Vegas, Nevada rely on us to get them to the top of the most popular search engines, thereafter they are usually in need of a team or individual to manage their company’s online marketing campaign. We can help with that too. We understand the importance of your digital campaign and wish you nothing but success. That’s why we’ve put together our professional consultation & training packages. Our professionals will work closely with your team to ensure they understand how to continue to manage your online brand.

We’ll keep your team informed on the latest web standards, tips and tricks to keep your brand dominating your competition. We’re unlike any web company you’ve ever dealt with before. Even if you want to learn to do the optimization yourself, we’ll be publishing valuable content from our site that’s sure to help you out, most it for free. Our goal is to give you valuable industry insight that can help you with your own campaign.

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