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Web Design

Web Design & Development was what Calypso Development was founded upon. These services are at the heart of our company. We offer custom solutions geared toward your brand and industry. We almost never use templates, only on request. There’s nothing worse than finding a website that looks exactly like yours on the web. That’s why we offer custom design solutions for your company. Need your website to perform a specific function? We offer custom web development as well. You’ll be happy to know that our interests are not in just building your website though. We’re in business for the long hall and hope to always be the company you turn to and refer to for all your custom web design & development. Give us a call today for a free introductory consultation.

Responsive Website Design & Development

At Calypso Development, we understand that the digital frontier is constantly changing. Right along with the viewing devices, people use to experience the web. Here, we develop for mobile devices first, then we work our way up to desktop screen size aesthetics. We provide web design & development with your web site’s future usability in mind.

Web Design & Branding Tips

We’re here to help! Our Website Design & Development Firm is an authority in the digital design industry here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand the branding design your company needs to succeed. Our design firm not only provides services but also freely gives tips & tricks designed to help you with brand recognition online. Check out our Web Design & Branding Tips section to find out more about how you can further your success when branding your company online. Or give us a call today and we’ll do it for you!

What is Responsive Website Design and Why the Hell do I Need it?

Usability and view-ability are the two primary concerns when speaking about responsive website design & development. The goal of a responsive design approach is to make using your site easier for the people frequenting it. It’s far from perfect, but it is one step closer to a more user-friendly and viewing friendly web. It’s the natural evolution of the web and technology. If you sit back for a moment and consider just how many devices are used to explore the web, it’s quite ridiculous. Responsive web site design is the solution to this problem. A fixed width web design is a thing of the past. Below we’ll show the difference between the “old school” fixed-width website design and the “new school” responsive web design.

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