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Calypso Development and BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada, worked together for over two years. During this collaboration and mutual business relationship, we exclusively provided BBQ Concepts with our custom website design & development, search engine optimization (SEO2Sales), social media marketing, videography, product and event photography, print media design, and many other digital branding services designed to help them dominate the outdoor living industry in the State of Nevada.

Service Highlight:┬áDuring this time, Calypso Development heavily targeted “Traeger Wood Fire Grills” with our premium organic search engine optimization services (among many other brands and services they sold). At their service peak, due in large part to their amazing product knowledge, services, and support for the Traeger brand, BBQ Concepts was singled out and mentioned at one of Traeger’s largest National conferences. Traeger specifically gave mention to their overall digital presence and the fact that they became one of the top companies in the State of Nevada for Traeger Wood Fired Grills. All this occurred roughly a year and a half from starting the BBQ COncepts brand. Keep in mind that there are many companies here in town that sells the Traeger brand. They ranked higher than the giant and well-known stores such as Walmart and RC Willey, where the Traeger Wood Fire Grill Brand is concerned. They still, to this day, remain one of the highest-ranking companies in all of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the outdoor living industry.

Although we are no longer working with BBQ Concepts, they still, to this day, take advantage of the digital branding and overall web presence that we helped them to create.


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